The principal of mortgagor  Kal-Pak forged his deceased father’s the signature on the deed conveying title to Kal-Pak and in defraud of his siblings’ fee interests in the premises. Prior to commencement of the foreclosure, the principal of Kal-Pak assigned his interest in mortgagor Kal-Pak to the defrauded siblings in settlement of the siblings’ claims againist him, and he agreed to continue  to make mortgage payments to lender bank.  Following default on the note and commencement of the foreclosure, the mortgagor claimed it did not have valid title. Mortgagor moved for summary judgment declaring the deed void ab initio and dismissing the foreclosure. The  court held that even if the deed was  invalid, it was capable of being ratified by the mortgagor. Fact issues were presented whether the siblings’ acceptance of the assignment of ownership in mortgagor Kal-Pak with knowlegde of the fraud was a ratification of the fraudulent acts.