One of the rare instances in which the Appellate Division, First Department affirmed a sustantial award of lifetime maintenance. This was a 25 year marriage in which the wife discontinued her career as a special education teacher to raise the parties’ two children and enable the husband, an anesthesiologist, to development three medical practices. The parties lived a lavish lifestyle expeding over 1.6 million annually on personal expenses. Wife’s expert opined her career opportunities were very limited due to the number of years she was out of the job market, and she could not earn anywhere near the amount required to maintain the pre-commencement lifestyle. Wife also received one-half of the value of husband’s medical practices which were capitalized and valued as of the commencement date, as well as one-half the pre-commencement enhancement value of husband’s medical licence which was determined to be separate property. Court also upheld subtantial award of of counsel fees to wife.